Our PVC general purpose resins are produced by supension polymerition process, white powder and free-flowing resins, blended with other additives by using standard mixing techniques. They are developed toserve a wide range of usage especially for general purpose product

Property Test method
Unit Specification
K - Value
DIN 53726
- 70 - 72
Apparent Bulk Density
ISO 60
0.47 - 0.53
Volatile Matter
ASTM D 3030 - 95
0.3 max
Sieve Analysis
ASTM D 1921 - 96

Retained on 250 micron

2.0 max
Retained on  75 micron

90.0 min


Soft, flexible,simi-rigid profile
Wires & Cable

Artificial leathers
Semi-rigid film & sheet
Flexible film & sheet

Semi-rigid products

Flexible products

TPC VINA has invested in upgrading the capacity of two ports, pipelines and large VCM storage tanks which enable us to maintain the steady and sustainable production.

Large storage PVC warehouse ensure our stable supply for valued customers in any tough circumstances

We keep enhancing the quality of our door-to-door services with the right products with the right quality at the right time.

Our variety of packaging and mode of transports are devoting customers with the most convenient , cost efficient and cleaning delivery service.

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