Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management

To fulfill corporate responsibility, we have applied ISO 26000 guidelines to our social and environmental work for the sake of the society and sustainable development of the business. The standards also serve as guidance for the development of the Company’s policies for shared practices of the whole organization.

TPC VINA  is determined to conduct good business with sustainable growth and security in order to gain competitiveness at present and in the future as well as to maintain good responsibility, transparency and morals. We care for the benefits of our stakeholders. We respect the rules of law, international practices and human rights. Also, we integrate corporate responsibility into our whole organization.

TPC VINA places emphasis on human rights. We consider that human rights are inborn, cannot be transferred, have their own identity, and are inalienable, and that everyone's human rights are dependent upon each other. TPC VINA respects human rights and does not violate others’ human rights. We promote the respect of human rights and freedom without discrimination. We support equality regardless of genders, ages, and social levels. We do not use child labor and are against corruption of all types.

TPC VINA considers that employees are the most valuable resources that make us strong and enjoy secure and sustainable growth. The Company has prescribed policies and guidelines for managing human resources systematically. Processes and methods have been developed to promote good working environment. For example, we boost the development of potential and knowledge of our employees to make them good people with morals.

TPC VINA places emphasis on the environment and minimizes environmental impacts by maintaining equivalent international standards in practices. We are determined to develop modern and clean technology for the utmost efficiency. We make use of resources in a sustainable way by following the Principles of 3R, i.e. Reduce, Reuse/Recycle and Replenish. We have the policy of Zero Emission prescribing that no pollution be released to the environment.

TPC VINA focuses on fair practices and applies morals to any relevant organizations in terms of anti-corruption, political participation with responsibility, fair competition, social responsibility and respect for property rights.

TPC VINA promotes fair market practices by offering safe products of good quality and excellent services. We are ready to respond to our clients’ needs and suggestion in regard to products use. We provide advice and solutions. We also welcome any complaints to maximize our customers’ satisfaction. Our efforts are for sustainable consumption.

TPC VINA considers itself as part of communities and society. Therefore, we retain our responsibility to help and support public activities that are useful for our communities. We develop the environment, communities and society for the better by means of creating jobs and doing diverse economic activities to strengthen organizations and communities.